Dairy Farm


Flatey Dairy Farm

Flatey Dairy Farm is situated on the plain below the Vatnajökull Glacier, halfway between the town Höfn and the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Many of the countryʼs natural wonders can be found in the region. It is therefore well worthwhile taking a break at our restaurant at the cowshed to enjoy traditional Icelandic food. From the restaurant balcony, guests can view the activities in the cowshed at their leisure and without charge.

We of course also recommend taking a trip offered by the tour company with facilities just outside the cowshed: such as kayaking on Heinabergslón glacier lagoon, a snowmobile tour on Vatnajökull Glacier or a jeep tour in the neighbourhood. The view from the restaurant over mountains and glaciers is second to none.


cows milk
daily in Flatey

Flatey Dairy Farm

Offering different cuts of beef every day straight from the farm and homemade ice cream. The restaurant is closed temporary.


About 100 m from Road 1,
approximately 40 km west of Höfn.

Accessible all year round
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Flatey Dairy Farm

The Cowshed

The cowshed at Flatey Dairy Farm is 4700m2 and houses 240 dairy cows. The welfare and health of the cows were the key concerns in designing the building, with particular attention being paid to lighting, air quality, views and acoustics. The objectives were:

  • to employ the newest technology and knowledge in order to maximise farm production and the welfare of both animals and men;
  • that the farm should be self-sustainable for most procurements;
  • to create an interesting building that would be worthy of its place in its majestic and beautiful environment.
Flatey Dairy Farm